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The GAME Plan is the solution!

If you set goals but struggle to achieve them,
this is the solution you have been waiting for.

Just like you need a strategy to win a board game,
You need a goal setting strategy to win at life.

You've read the books about setting goals. You've taken the courses on planning and organization. But you still struggle to meet those goals and claim your dreams. What you really need is a community to hold you accountable and inspire you. The GAME Plan is that community and much more.

Your dreams depend on your goals!

achieve your dreams by achieving your goals!

You are not alone when it comes to finding it hard to achieve your goals.
I was in your shoes plenty of times in the past.

A new idea would pop into my mind for something I really wanted to accomplish. I would write down the goals of the new idea, add a few lines of things that need to be done, and then tuck the note away somewhere.

And then it would be forgotten, even though I was sure I would start working on it soon.

It was a painful experience to realize I missed a key opportunity, or could have advanced my business, if only I had started working towards that goal.

Setting the goal is easy! 



Over the years, I developed systems and techniques to ensure that my goals would not get forgotten and that I was steadily working towards the most important goals. It took a lot of trial and error. I've spent thousands of dollars on programs, courses, and "sure-fire" tools. None of that worked for me.

I also (eventually) learned to depend on a key group of "advisers" and friends to help me stay on track. I found that working with a small group I could trust was a huge motivation.

My little "team" multiplied what I could do on my own.

That's when I realized that I could duplicate my success for others

by offering a mastermind experience like none I've found!

​The GAME Plan

finally a mastermind ​experience with 
built-in Goal Accountability!

​In fact, GAME is an acronym for 
Goal Accountability Mastermind Experience.

​We'll set your 90-day goals!

​Break them down into monthly and Weekly Goals

​And, finally, create your daily task lists to
move you towards achieving your goals!

​And, Accountability is Built-In ​at No Extra Charge!

Goal Setting

Goal setting is only the first step. ​Every new participant receives a 1:1 call with Janet to determine their goals. She will help you accurately describe your goals and then break them down into the steps and activities required for you to achieve those goals.


Each ​month, Your GAME Plan Mastermind Group meets online. You will share your progress toward achieving your goals with the members of the group. Together your group will review progress, help solve problems, and offer suggestions to continue moving forward. They won't let you forget your goals


Each mastermind group is kept small (4-10 members). The members have a range of experience and progress towards their goals. By having diversity in a small group, you get the opportunity to learn from others who have been through what you are going through. And, you get the satisfaction of helping those who are following paths you have already been over.


A private Facebook group is included with the GAME Plan. This group allows you to get immediate feedback when you get "stuck" between weekly meetings. Interacting with your mastermind group in the weekly meetings, and the entire group in the Facebook group, lets you learn from the shared experience of the group.

​I don't want you to feel the pain of lost opportunities and missed goals. Our dreams and goals motivate us and keep us charging through each day. But if we don't make progress towards those goals, we get discourage and stop working on them.

That's why I created the GAME Plan. The GAME Plan is a motivational mastermind experience like no other.


Weekly Mastermind Calls

​Each week, Your GAME Plan Mastermind Group meets online. You will share your progress toward achieving your goals with the members of the group. Together your group will review progress, help solve problems, and offer suggestions to continue moving forward. ​We won't let you forget your goals. We'll keep you focused on what you want to accomplish.

​Office Hours

​Janet is available for weekly office hours to help you in any way needed to reach your goals. From tech issues to strategy thoughts, she's available to help with anything you need. And, if she doesn't know the answers, she'll find them from her vast resource of people in various online industries.


​​​Each month a new training masterclass will be added to the membership portal. All trainings will have something to do with being a successful entrepreneur. Have a special request for training, all you have to do is let Janet know and she'll be glad to find or create something to meet your needs.


​​Sometimes you just need to know someone else is out there working too in order for you to focus.  Whether for one hour or longer, this is your chance to dedicate work time with a supportive group and make solid progress. 


Imagine a group of people just like you who understand all the ups and downs of entrepreneurism.  The GAME Plan Facebook group gives you a community where you can discuss your challenges, without judgment, among people who actually “get” you.  You don’t have to face your challenges alone.

​More to Come . . .

​​​​I'm always looking for more things to add to the membership to make it even more valuable for you. If you have suggestions, please send me an email and I'll look into them.

The Secret Sauce 

Why will the GAME Plan work for you?

The secret is simple.

The GAME Plan is a unique combination of mentoring, expert coaching, empathetic cheerleading, and friends who are committed to achieving their goals, and helping you achieve yours.

The synergy is a fantastic tool to achieve your goals.

I entered the Game Plan with a morass of ideas and little planning, Janet helped me to get my ideas in order and formulate a clear plan of action. She guides with a gentle but firm hand and her ongoing support is second to none. In the unlikely event that she doesn't know the answer to any queries, you can be sure she will make it her business to find the answer. The online business world can be lonely so it is wonderful to have also made genuine friends within the group too

I whole-heartedly recommend The Game Plan to anyone who needs to create a clear plan of action for their business, needs an element of accountability to act on it, and a Mentor who is genuinely interested in them succeeding in their goals

​Helen Cronin: ​Leaves from My Garden & Honey Bible Study

Cheryl Springer

​I have been working with Janet for a few months and the difference it makes is truly life-changing. As a creative (I’m a graphic designer), I don’t always think in the most logical terms, and planning out details just isn’t my forte. But Janet helped me change all that. She has helped me to figure out how to work with who I am instead of against it, helped me find the tools that work for me (instead of pointing me to her favorites), and given me a framework to always be working TOWARD something, instead of just working. She changed my business, and she changed my life.

Cheryl Springer: Pure Simple Design

​Before Janet taught me her process for utilising Asana I was really struggling to keep up with the workflow for my blog. I can't tell you how many free content calenders I've downloaded or spent hours setting up online, all of which were very pretty, none of which seemed to keep me on track. By following Janet's steps, I was able to create a content calender that makes it easy for me to keep up to date with everything I need for my business. I've finally gone from content chaos, to content creator and it feels amazing. Janet showed me how to set up calenders to organize every aspect of my blog so that nothing gets forgotten and everything has a flow. She even showed me how to create templates which document my processes and save me a tremendous amount of time - time which is now better spent with my family!

Jayne Westerholt: Chalking Up Success & Chalking Up Stock

Hi Friends! 

I’m Janet and I have over 30 years of experience being a wife, mother, employee, supervisor and entrepreneur. In that time, I’ve learned a lot of things to help life run more efficiently and I’m excited to share them with you.

I’ve been married to my wonderful husband ,Bill, for over 33 years, and am genuinely excited about our future. We have two adult children and 3 "grand-pups". My son and ​2 dogs are living at home making our life full of enjoyment. Our daughter moved out with her significant other and they are starting a new chapter in their lives and have the 3rd dog.

I spent much of ​my pre-online career helping to overhaul law firms who were seriously in need of organization! And ​I was so good at helping them get their firms sorted out, ​I worked myself out of a job and was able to move on to new firms and do the same for them. Now ​I'm using my goal-setting superpowers to help online entrepreneurs. I've been running my own online business for over 6 years now. I started blogging as a hobby and quickly discovered it could be a business. 

I strive to help entrepreneurs just like YOU use ​strategic goal setting, streamlined planning, and structured accountability to grow their businesses without sacrificing their family and personal life.

The GAME Plan

An Awesome Mastermind Membership

Private Members-Only Facebook Group

Monthly Mastermind Calls

​Weekly Office Hours

Co-Working Sessions to Keep You On Track

Monthly ​Training

The GAME Plan Member Portal

And More!!!

The GAME Plan is just ​$597 for six-months!

​And, we even have a monthly payment plan available.

It's time to achieve your goals!


Because we are your support system.

We are here to help you move forward in your business once and for all!

Are you ready to make more progress
than you ever thought possible?

Join The GAME Plan today!

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